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Hi my name is Avril Rae. I am an Astrology expert.

Astrology Services

As one of the rising astrologers in the UK I’m pleased to introduce a list of the Astrology services I offer.  There’s a short  summary of what each one is…. plus more detail if you’re interested in reading more…

Natal chart reading - £75

A chance to look into your birth chart and find out much more about yourself based on the position of the planets at the time of your birth.  A natal chart reading can give you so much information about who you are and you can use this to make empowering decisions in your life.

Astrologers in the UK

Solar Return Chart Reading - £75

Every year your birthday comes around. This is a very special day where you might want a reading for the year ahead based on your birthday.  It may advise you about the energies in particular areas of your chart affecting areas of your life and how you may be able to work with these energies in the coming year ahead in an empowering way.

Career Reading - £75

A career reading may advise you about possibilities that might suit you based on the positions of the planets in your birth chart.  It may advise on a more empowered perspective on your future possibilities.

Chart Check in Progress - £75

Look at current transits and progressions in the sky to get an idea of how to live with the energies in the sky in an empowering way.

Astro – Coaching 3-week package - £225

A career reading may advise you about possibilities that might suit you based on the positions of the planets in your birth chart.  It may advise on a more empowered perspective on your future possibilities.

Hi, I’m Avril, a professional astrologer

Awakening through the power of Astrology

Astrology can offer clarity, insights and healing bringing you more joy, happiness and inner peace in your life. I want to raise the collective consciousness to the power of astrology in our own lives.

I believe the answers you need to truly move forward in life are found within you.

Psychological astrology is powerful. Understand your personality through your horoscope. Understand your motivations. Find meaning and purpose...


  • 3 years’ formal astrology training in highly regarded and internationally recognised London based Faculty of Astrology.

  • Expert knowledge of astrology to guide you

  • Unlock your soul’s wisdom


Awakening through the power of Astrology

One to One interactive sessions

So, are you ready to uplevel?

Let’s dive deeper…

Astrology offers clarity, insights and healing around challenging situations you might be experiencing right now or around experiences you have had in the past.

clarity, insights and healing

Get practical advice on working with the energies that surround you now

self-knowledge and self-empowerment


  • An interpretation of your birth chart symbols can be used in many meaningful ways to guide you about :

    • Career potentials

    • Relationship potentials

    • Your motivations and personality potentials

    • Energy potentials and how these may be experienced for you, according to your birth chart.

Astrology is a useful guide when you know the archetypal meaning of the planets.  It can guide you about energies in the sky and how to work with these in your life.  

Why is this?

Not all movements in the sky affect you of course, but astrology is like living with a map of the weather and once you know what the planets’ archetypal meanings you can begin to be guided by that and what part of your life it may affect at a given time.

It can be fun to think of ways to use the energies in their highest frequency to help you in your aligned cosmic living.

Through astrology you get to see a version of yourself and others that has a healing dimension like no other; you can begin to feel whole again.  What can this look like for you?

  • Taking positive, inspired action rather than being stuck and stagnating and just wishing your career, family, relationships were better. You can begin to move into authentic alignment with the cycles of your life as shown in your own birth chart.


  • Understanding why things might be blocking you or not working out as you had hoped by understanding how the cosmic energies are working for you and start to work with them; not against them.


  • Understanding more about how you relate to others and why, based on your unique chart energies.


To go deeper with inner healing work see information around HeartHealing™ offers.

Your astrology is unique to you  – it’s a truly personal experience.

It will take you to even deeper levels of self-understanding about yourself and your family than ever before.

It will open your curiosity to find out more about it – most people do after gaining revelations about themselves from just one reading.


Some people journal, some people meditate to find answers to their questions, but have you ever thought of looking into astrology and your birth chart to find answers?

Through my own inner work and up level journey I know how astrology can be so helpful. I have been right where you are.  So, how am I doing now? 

I am…

  • Clearer on my purpose
  • Clearer about my family dynamics
  • Clearer on what I need to do to work positively with the energies coming into my life
  • Clearer on my AUTHENTIC self and living it
  • Clearer on possible steps forward and areas that might go slow for me based on energies
  • Clearer on the energies in areas of transformation and breakthroughs in areas of my life.

Astrology can offer insights that you won’t find elsewhere.  Insights around career, relationships and home life, finances.  

How you can work with me...

Book a session to start your journey toward self-knowledge and self-empowerment now. What’s holding you back?

One to one personalised reading (remote or in person)

One to one readings are highly personalised information about you and whatever you wish to discuss – career and money, family life, partnerships or life in general. 

This can be a natal reading exploring more about who you are as a unique individual or you may want to get a solar return reading looking at the energies the coming year hold for you around the time of your birthday. I also offer deep dives into career and purpose in a Career Reading.

One Hour in duration £75

Astro Coaching Package

This offer covers 3 sessions where we look into your chart and life circumstances to explore what blocks, obstacles and areas of difficulty you may feel you are experiencing. We work with the astrological energies to advise around what may be affecting your life at a particular period of time and what the astrology might offer to you as unique insights to your circumstances.  We look at the astrological favourable energies and energies that might bring up challenges with the aim to make you feel more empowered in making your own decisions in life. 

All 3 Sessions for £225

Astrology Lessons Online – Beginners Level – coming soon

Take your own power into your hands by learning the language of the cosmos.   Find out for yourself more about how the stars affect you daily and be your own cosmic guide.  These will be online with instant access.  For complete beginners.

 More details coming in 2023! Early bird prices announced later in the year.

Self-Study Routes to Knowledge About YOU

If you find astrology as mind blowing as I did you might want to learn it for yourself. Remember, astrology is for everyone, that includes YOU.

Start your inner journey to empowerment today.

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