Avril Rae, HeartHealing™ Practitioner


HeartHealing™ Practitioner

Career Coach

Happy to be helping people succeed in life with the power of HeartHealing™ and Astrology.  This unique blend of skills provides you with a truly transformative experience.


My path to this work….

As a qualified teacher, hypnotherapist, astrologer  and more recently HeartHealing™ Practitioner, my work has always been around helping others reach goals  and expand self-development. My work now is much  more than just teaching content; it’s deep inner work, delving into the unconscious to bring transformation to your life. I do this type of work after going through a deep personal transformation myself and have successfully navigated it using the tools I offer you now.

Avril Rae HeartHealing™ Practitioner

I specialise in taking people on a journey of inner transformation, often in times of transitions.

Transformation is growth and evolution – welcome it! 

How can YOU do it?
  • Get clearer on YOUR vision of what is important in your life – evolve in the newest version of YOU confidently.
  • Work through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, releasing feelings of fear and being stuck.
  • Do inner work to release what is holding you back. 
  • Step into who you are becoming with ease and flow knowing you are living a life in alignment with your interests, talents, gifts you are here to share in the world with others.

Internal shifts lead to external shifts – this is my personal experience with transformation . Listening to my intuition and following my heart have also been a super important part of my journey through my own transformation.  Listen to YOUR heart and intuition…what is it saying to you now?




Member of Relevant Professional Organisations

Member of professional organisations such as ACCPH ( accredited Coaches, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists) and ABH( American Board of Hypnotherapy), OPA (organisation for Professional Astrologers) I am fully insured in HeartHealing™ therapy.  I undertake work fully supervised as part of my professional learning and ongoing training.  You are in expert hands.

Moving Forward Confidently

  • A decade ago I was a high school teacher dedicated to my students’ goals, dreams and hopes for the future . I shifted out of this to focus more on inner transformation as I realised without the inner transformation, it makes shifts in your outer world difficult.
  • I released and surrendered what was happening in my life to the universe and trusted I was on a journey of transformation and change for my highest good – turns out I was right about that.
  • I stopped fighting against the tide of change and aligned myself with the change – it became much easier. I became a home schooling mum to my son and everything fell into place for me. Things that were a struggle became easier.
  • I went through several job changes not really thinking about them deeply , making so many mistakes on the path and ignoring my intuition. I discovered the value of astrology as a guide to helping me with my path in life.

Change is always happening. The great thing about my work is it recognises change is a constant. You will evolve through change or stay stuck in a rut. The choice is yours and there are tools to help you navigate it in a powerfully empowered way. 

So, choose to take one action today to move with the times you are in.  Move forward. 

Choose either a Career Guidance session, an astrology session or a HeartHealing™ session or all three!  All or just one of these can shift you forward so what’s holding you back?

Take inspired action today

You can change the things you want to in your life. 

You can make changes happen… starting today.

Let’s work together.

If you are ready to move forward with more ease, get in touch. I would love to help you.

Avril Rae HeartHealing™ Practitioner