Avril Rae, Personal Success Coach

Quantum Leap….

Finding more success in your personal life – in family, love and career

My Personal Success method is designed to help you in unique ways using tools you might not have ever considered before.  This is because the tools I use are beyond just mindset changes.

I use astrology, HeartHealing™ and Coaching to find personal success in life and help you manifest a life of your dreams.  So, do you want to kickstart a journey into finding out what is holding you back, getting past your blocks and looking at your true soul’s purpose in depth?    Whatever it is, my unique combination is sure to bring you surprise insights, breakthroughs, and a route to finding your own personal success.

Let’s work together to skyrocket your personal success to new heights.   Your future is what YOU make it and YOU can harness all your potential to manifest the future you want to create through a blend of unique methods including coaching, astrology and HeartHealing™.

You choose, you create…a life of your dreams.


Start your journey towards Self-knowledge and Self-empowerment

Have you always felt you are meant for more?

Can you feel a rising tide of emotions calling to you to make changes in your life?

Have you always had a big dream but don’t know how to get there?

Are you ready to leave behind what’s been holding you back?

Are you ready for a big change?

My own successful transformation from secondary school teaching into healing, spiritual and coaching work has been the result of understanding my unique birth chart to guide me on my true calling in life and doing the healing work around my own wounds and limiting beliefs holding me back with a mix of practical coaching too.

astrology reading by Avril Rae

Start Your Transformation Today

Pick or Mix a range of bespoke and highly personalised transformative services, the choice is yours…

  • Full range of astrology readings to explore your life and circumstances in depth.

  • HeartHealing™ therapy and coaching to help free you from limiting beliefs and trauma cycles.

How I work with clients…

Astrology Services

Avril Rae, UK based astrologer, offers various astrology readings to clients including natal chart readings, solar return chart readings, career readings and chart check-in readings for regular updates as well as Astro – coaching.  As a rising astrologer in the UK, she can offer insights into career, love, money as well as Astro coaching on a range of other life issues, just by looking into your astrology readings.


Avril Rae is one of the first ever trained HEARTHEALING™ Practitioners in the world and based in the UK.  Healing hearts around the world is her mission using this revolutionary, integrative healing therapy. Uncover and transform hidden blocks holding you back and open your heart to receiving more.   Break metaphorical walls down built around your heart to unveil and address cycles of trauma and see that healing hearts is just as important as healing minds.